The Argentine Chamber of Jigger Fishing Vessels Shipowners (C.A.P.A for its initials in Spanish), is a not- for-profit organization created on August 25, 1999 to group and represent the argentine shipowners working on the argentine illex squid fishery industry using the jigger fishing vessels system.

As dictated in its original statute, our main purpose is to represent the national jigger fishing vessels shipowners community before the public and private organizations related to this activity, promoting and maintaining its economic development and inclining the application of administrative politics that encourages the illex squid exploitation in a selective and sustainable manner.

CAPA works in partnership with the Argentine Republic Exporters Chamber (CERA for its initials in Spanish) and collaborates extensively with other organizations of the fishing industry, as well as with the National Institute of Fishery Investigation (INIDEP for its initials in Spanish). Labor commissions and other commissions related to fiscal, quality and institutional issues are periodically and systematically organized in CAPA’s headquarters.

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