The illex squid fishing activity is molded by the characteristics of the Argentine Sea, which consists in very large spaces delimited by the continental shelf, which separates the marine platform form the deep waters.

Two predominant currents condition the fishing practice - the cold one coming from the Falkland Islands and the warm one coming from Brazil.

Subpopulations, areas and fishing season.
There are four subpopulations of the illex squid

> SSP - South-Patagonian subpopulation. Spawn during the fall.
> SDV - Summer Spawning Subpopulation.
> SDP - Spring Spawning Subpopulation.
> SBNP - Buenos Aireans North-Patagonian Subpopulation. Spawn during the winter.

The SSP, which is most of the time superior compared to the other three, is the only one that undergoes a long journey during its life cycle, reaching almost all the entire Argentine coast.

The species fishing season usually goes from February 1rst to August 31rst of each year.

The enclosed map shows where these subpopulations are usually find.

Due to the fact that the CAPA’s ships follow the squid during migration, they operate on the majority of the Patagonian ports.




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